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I’m sick of buying this online and then boom SPAM every day from the people I just gave money to. I mean I just bought something leave me alone already. I buy an amp and subwoofer on Amazon and suddenly Amazon thinks I need eight more and maybe $15 off will convince me to buy them. I buy a hat from Zummiez and now I need sweatshirt discounts and Volcom promotions. If I’m going to buy anything it’s because I need it or I want that product, not because of some e-mail ad.

My mother buy a onesy  for her niece a couple of years ago and we’re still getting baby formula coupons in the junk mail. Companies need to put their time and energy in to their products and costumer service not SPAM mail. There should be more companies like smi4motion. I bought a ball bearing slide from them the other day and they asked me if I’d like to be put on their e-mail list. To which I replied no, but at least they had the courtesy to ask before filling my inbox with SPAM.

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Video Game SPAM

My brother and I have never really seen eye to eye on common interests. While I round my bike around with my friends and played in bands he was was busying playing dungeons and dragons and building computers with his friends. It’s not that I don’t play my fair share of video games but I just don’t understand the World of Warcraft or Mario’s Galaxy. So I thought I’d put together a SPAM blog about what gets computer gamers riled up.

My brother says the worst SPAM are the fake games that when you lose (or even worst when you win, he says) you get pushed to an add or forced to sign up for some mailing list to get more. I guess nothing if worst than getting a taste of what you want (in this case a video game) and not being able to have it. I guess I feel him, I get tricked in the fake PAC Man adds every now and than.

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Men’s Rings – Lookout For Jewelry Scams

“Everyone is growing up so fast!” My mother says almost sobbing when I told her about yet another wedding I have to attend next month.

All my friends seem to be getting their shit together and settling down. As more and more of my friends announce their wedding dates I get having more and more chats about wedding jewelry. All the ladies seem to know exactly what they want and where to find it but the men on the other hand seem to be very much in the dark.

After talking my friend Ali I am a little weary about picking out jewelry on my own especially online. She is  huge online shopper just like me and when she started shopping for her husbands wedding band she start online by force of habit and convenience. She said when looking for mens rings the key is to do your research online first. She told me that after she started looking around she started getting many SPAM e-mail offering very attractive deals but that they were all scams.

One website I found really helpful was Titanium-Jewelry.com and Belloria.com Blog

Be safe shoppers!

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Craigslist Jobs – Nothing But Spam

I graduated from college in early May and I am still on the job search. I know that probably isn’t a big shock to anyone out there but I am starting to get a bit frustrated at this point. Every job I’ve ever had has been kind of handed to me, not that I’ve been feed with a silver spoon or anything but I’ve always had the ins with a friend or family member so employment searching has never been too tough for me.

Now I’m on my own in the “real world” and it’s nothing like on TV (I wish MTV paid me to party and hook up with chicks). So I started my search on my alumni job center and hit up the general job search sites, Monster, Career Builder, etc. A handful of interviews later and I’d hit the wall.

So I decided to try Craigslist job listings a try. To my surprise there is a ton of job opportunities on Craigslist but you have to be careful who you contact (should be a given with Craigslist I guess). While I did find Office Team with Wells Fargo which seems like a great lead so far I have also found my way on to a bunch of job scammers sites. For the last week everyday I got some ridiculous response for job sites that want my information for god know what. Guess that’s the price you pay to get a job.


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Yahoo Mail – Should I Merge With My Gmail?

I’ve talked a few times about my Yahoo mail and what a pain in the butt it can be to deal with the heavy amount of SPAM it acquires. It is my oldest e-mail account and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it. The truth is sometimes I need it. I use it as my online sign up e-mail. Anytime I have to fill out a forum to do something on the internet that I don’t want to be bothered with on my Gmail I use my Yahoo address.

Lately I’ve needed to access the old Yahoo e-mail when catching up on things like Ticketmaster deals and MySpace messages and these accounts were made before I had the Gmail I use now. Yahoo now offers a linking with Gmail accounts that acts much like E-mail forwarding but I’m not sure I want to link up just yet. My phone already goes off enough with the small amount of e-mail I get on my Gmail day to day. I don’t think I’m ready to have SPAM invade my phone. Guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on my Yahoo Account.


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Do you consider video ads SPAM?

As the internet gets faster and faster and websites like Netflix and YouTube keep popping up video content seems to be more and more mainstream. The old days of internet video did not really seem worth it; an hours of wait time only to buffer every two minutes and over work your computer. Now it seems video is all over the internet. Even SPAMers have caught on, using video ads to lurer unsuspecting net browsers.

But are commercials on popular YouTube videos and Hulu television shows considered SPAM?

It sure is irritating to run into a 30 second ad before being able to view a YouTube video. Users online today want things instant and ads get in the way of that dream. If you used Hulu before the sponsored commercial breaks you were most likely frustrated with the advertisements.

But is the internet really that different from radio or television?

We’ve been dealing with TV and radio ads from decades now and most people have just grown accustom to it. Personally I’m okay with the sponsored ads that make view my media for free. It’s those ads that offer me nothing in return that I have a problem with.

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  • George NHate Google Docs Rick. We are in a way forced (well pprhaes encouraged might be a better word) to use them at work but more and more we find ourselves just attaching real Word documents and Excel spreadsheets rather than using the Google interface which seems to mangle most document conversions and is non-standard enough to be practically useless. Since the rest of the planet uses Microsoft to do it's business communications (for better or worse some may say but that is unimportant) you would think that Google would work hard to get the basic formatting conversions if nothing else perfect. Not the case.

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Careful Where You Submit Your E-mail

SPAM seems to come from everywhere, and just like the hay-days of telemarketing your information is key to luring you in. Except the internet is a very grey world, there is no do not e-mail list or caller ID for SPAM and SPAMers use that to their advantage. Most common SPAM is noticed in your inbox, but how did it get there?

SPAM on websites often asks for information in exchange for something you might be interested in, but 99% don’t end up receiving; the pop ads that offer a free iPad by enter your name, e-mail, and zip code. Also there is SPAM forms attached to things you participate in online. When I was filling out job applications on sites like Career Builder I was surprised but the amount of external SPAM forums I was encourage to fill out between all my profile data entry. After every saved page I got a forum from with online school, or that newsletter, things I do not want.

Best advice I can give to avoid this is check the page carefully. Sometimes they hide a skip or an exit window button to fool you into filling the forum out. Otherwise you can do what I do and make a separate e-mail address for sign up for things.

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Blinky Spam

SPAM used to be an internet nightmare. Filling your screen, passing off viruses, and crashing your computer. Nothing was worst and it seemed every site was buying into. Now a days SPAM is often over looked by natural habit. We have trained ourselves not to acknowledge it, not to be bothered. Pop up blocks are the first line of defense, then SPAM folders and anti-virus soft wear, finally we just choose not to look to the side bars of webpages.

Yet SPAM is still out there, otherwise there would be no reason for this blog right? But why? Well to get websites more clicks and online traffic to sites I guess. But SPAMers are doing a lot more now to grab your attention. Some are coding SPAM to move passed the pop up blockers. Some have fabulous prizes such as free iPads and island get aways. The worst of all are the blinky SPAM. Ever seen one? It’s a worthless ad like any other SPAM but flashes and blinks bright usually surprising the user into clicking on the ad.


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Jewelry Avoid Scams – Don’t Buy Online

In my yahoo inbox I ran into a bunch of spam and scams. I use that email to sign up for things online or order from places I know I will get spam from. A few years back I sent flowers to my girlfriend using a online delivery service. Ever since I’ve been getting emails by the dozens every week from them offering deals on flowers, jewelry or chocolates.

Chocolates and flowers are one thing but I don’t think I feel comfortable buying jewelry online. Not only can I not see the product or try it on, I have no guarantee that the material used is genuine. I feel much better buying my jewelry in the store even if it’s a little more expensive I know I got what I wanted. Simone and Son would be my first choice in jewelry shopping because they offer great deals on custom designed jewelry.

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Looking for a GPS Navigation App for iPhone

I recently switch from an Android powered My Touch 3G to Apple’s iPhone and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a switch I’ve wanted to make for some time now but couldn’t because I’m still under contract with T-moblie who doesn’t not support the iPhone. Everything about the ISO system running on the iPhone is pretty similar to the Android platform but seems to much much sleeker and user friendly.

There are some things about the my old Android phone that I miss however. Like the widgets on the home screens for one. Apple was the first to introduce widgets on their dashboard but never utilized the idea on ISO and I don’t understand why. I also miss the GPS on my Android. Although the iPhone’s mapping is powered but Google maps, it is no faster than the Android’s and it does not offer turn by turn navigation or automatic rerouting. I know there are navigation apps out there on the iTunes store but I can’t seem to find a free one that isn’t covered with SPAMy ads.

Anyone out there know of a good free GPS navigation app for iPhone?



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  • I like the helpful info you privdoe in your articles. Ia1a6ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I'm quite certain Ia1a6ll learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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