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Rick Rolled – SPAM at it’s best

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I heard the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” the other day and the memories just flooded in…

The biggest wave came in 2008 on April Fools’ Day where thousands of YouTube’s front page videos had the clasic bait and switch to the legendary Rick Astley that will make this writer smile forever. This is the kind of SPAM that is awesome and the reason for viral content and good meme’s online. From Scientology protest to sporting events all the way to the White House Twitter feed Rick Rolling is probably that most popular prank on the internet… or at least the most beloved.

The cool thing about the Rick Roll SPAM is that it made it off the web and into real life, that, and no one can really ever be too mad about a good ole Rick Roll, in fact I find it a delight.

Whoever thought of this idea is amazing and I salute you. Sha-wing. 

SPAM – Are We Asking For It?

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This whole website is dedicated to complaining about how much  of a pain in the ass SPAM can be. Pop ups, hacked profiles, hidden links, and stuffed inboxes can get old really quick. I doubt there is anyone out there that would state that they love internet SPAM and its efforts. Even the people you create SPAM probably get bothered by it while surfing the web like anyone else. I still think the number one cause of computer viruses is internet SPAM but for real occurrences that severe are uncommon for the most part if you use common sense online the web.

You should know that filling out this forum and that contest will lead the SPAM directly towards you like blood to a shark fight. Yes, the side bar ads can be appealing and look like the easiest decision of your life but they’re made that way. It isn’t that hard to avoid the tell tale signs of internet SPAM.

Be safe surfers.

Video Game SPAM

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My brother and I have never really seen eye to eye on common interests. While I round my bike around with my friends and played in bands he was was busying playing dungeons and dragons and building computers with his friends. It’s not that I don’t play my fair share of video games but I just don’t understand the World of Warcraft or Mario’s Galaxy. So I thought I’d put together a SPAM blog about what gets computer gamers riled up.

My brother says the worst SPAM are the fake games that when you lose (or even worst when you win, he says) you get pushed to an add or forced to sign up for some mailing list to get more. I guess nothing if worst than getting a taste of what you want (in this case a video game) and not being able to have it. I guess I feel him, I get tricked in the fake PAC Man adds every now and than.

Careful Where You Submit Your E-mail

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SPAM seems to come from everywhere, and just like the hay-days of telemarketing your information is key to luring you in. Except the internet is a very grey world, there is no do not e-mail list or caller ID for SPAM and SPAMers use that to their advantage. Most common SPAM is noticed in your inbox, but how did it get there?

SPAM on websites often asks for information in exchange for something you might be interested in, but 99% don’t end up receiving; the pop ads that offer a free iPad by enter your name, e-mail, and zip code. Also there is SPAM forms attached to things you participate in online. When I was filling out job applications on sites like Career Builder I was surprised but the amount of external SPAM forums I was encourage to fill out between all my profile data entry. After every saved page I got a forum from with online school, or that newsletter, things I do not want.

Best advice I can give to avoid this is check the page carefully. Sometimes they hide a skip or an exit window button to fool you into filling the forum out. Otherwise you can do what I do and make a separate e-mail address for sign up for things.

Blinky Spam

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SPAM used to be an internet nightmare. Filling your screen, passing off viruses, and crashing your computer. Nothing was worst and it seemed every site was buying into. Now a days SPAM is often over looked by natural habit. We have trained ourselves not to acknowledge it, not to be bothered. Pop up blocks are the first line of defense, then SPAM folders and anti-virus soft wear, finally we just choose not to look to the side bars of webpages.

Yet SPAM is still out there, otherwise there would be no reason for this blog right? But why? Well to get websites more clicks and online traffic to sites I guess. But SPAMers are doing a lot more now to grab your attention. Some are coding SPAM to move passed the pop up blockers. Some have fabulous prizes such as free iPads and island get aways. The worst of all are the blinky SPAM. Ever seen one? It’s a worthless ad like any other SPAM but flashes and blinks bright usually surprising the user into clicking on the ad.


Yahoo Chat is Full of Spam

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I stopped using my Yahoo e-mail in high school but held on to the address so I had a valid e-mail to sign up for sketchy looking things on the inter web. Largibe@yahoo.com has been my e-mail since before 2000. Why largibe? It’s a scramble of my middle name: Gabriel. Simple enough right, and now you know a bit more about me :)

I moved to G-mail and have never been happier. What drove me from Yahoo in the first place? You mean other than Google’s obvious online dominance and the fact that it runs my smart phone (I like poking peoples faces to call, not phone numbers)?

Again, it’s simple: I hate that the Yahoo chat pops all over while I’m trying to check my mail. This wouldn’t be such an issue if it were actually IMs from friends or real people looking to chat. Every damn time its “make money online” or “check out my live show” or “win a free Ipad today!” I don’t have time for this, and I don’t have time for Yahoo mail anymore. No wonder my inbox is +2000!


Titanic 2

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The title of this obviously a joke, or is it? I Googled Titanic photos for today’s blog and I found this, Jack Returns! Hahaha. Titanic movie is coming back in theaters in 3-D! I’m already tired of the promos and girls going crazy beacuse the movie coming back in theaters. The same thing happened when they came out with the Lion King movie again late last year. I think I just went on a rant about this the other day, that movie studios need to come up with some new creative ideas instead of rehashing old ones!

I don’t care if these movies are now in 3-D, I’d rather see Jack come back to haunt the survivors of the Titanic. How great of a plot line would that be? OK, so maybe that is a bad example, but you get what I’m saying. There has to be some new and creative writers out there who might have something new, right?

What’s the chances of seeing Back to the Future the Trilogy in 3-D?

Hungry Games?

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Here we go again… seriously? Another set of books and movies that are going to make the preteens and everyone else go nuts! “The Hunger Games” opens up at midnight tonight (12:01 AM Friday), and I’m already so sick of the publicity and craze the movie has received. From what I gather, the only good news coming out of this movie is that no one is a vampire! So perhaps a little different from the last big movie for this demographic, the Twilight series, does that mean it’s any better – or even original? There is a lot of movies that have very similar plots to this one, books as well. So, maybe not original, but following the recent formula with any movie or TV show lately, just pitch an old rehashed plot with some young, fresh faced, sexy, up and coming stars to play the main characters!

Let me remind you of the recent “Footloose”, which was bearable, but nothing compared to the original! OR… how about the new TV series, “Dallas“, that is going to be so terribly rehashed – but they have some returning original characters which could keep it interesting.

The list of copy cat movies and plot lines goes on and on, so I guess the reason I titled this post Hungry Games, is because I want to know is anyone still even hungry for something original? Does anyone still have the hunger to write and be original standing out from the crowd? These things need to be found and cherished in the movie, book, music – any kind of industry.

Now I’m going to make me a Hungry Man TV Dinner.

The Tech Game: Community Giveaway

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 The Tech Game is a community that is aimed to discuss, mod, and support the latest games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here is an e-mail I received from them.

Hello TylerW507,

We, TheTechGame, are currently running a few contests to give a little back to our users who give life to the site everyday. At the bottom of the ladder we have two contests for On-Site Gold Membership, the first contest we are giving away one month of membership with the next being three months. The last three tiers of contests are all Xbox 360 related items, the first being a 4000 MSP code that leads up to a Kinect. The grand prize for this contest system’s kickoff will be a Xbox 360 Console w/Kinect bundle! The contests are already underway and will conclude one each hour starting on Sunday at 3PM EST with the grand prize contest ending at 7PM EST. Make sure to read to the instructions on the contest’s main page. Visit this page for details on how to enter http://www.thetechgame.com/Contest.html

While you are on the site checking out the contests make sure to review the MW3 forums we added for discussion of one of this year’s blockbuster titles, in those areas you can check out the latest official news on the game along with user submitted strategies to keep you on par with the community.The site has changed alot in the last few months and still is, if you haven’t checked us out lately make sure to give us a glance!

What’s even more interesting is their appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. A gamertag sporting “TH3T3CHG4M3cCOM” had modded stats and was put at the top of the leaderboards. Honestly, some offline, campaign, and private mods I don’t mind. They let people make their own games and play around. However, hacking is stupid. It affects others and the gameplay of them.

Spy Cameras

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So, the e-mail today talks about secretly watching your “kids, nanny, boyfriend or girlfriend.” I realize there are certain circumstances where you may want to watch your kids or even nanny: I really do.

I mean, you never know what your kids are up to. If you’re leaving or something like that, you may want to keep your eye on them. Perhaps you want to see how the babysitter is treating them or which sibling is really causing the fights. The nanny could be up to something. Maybe you think something went missing and you aren’t sure if you just misplaced it or not. Well, in that circumstance, you would probably be safe to set up this type of camera or something.

However, I just do not see the usefulness of spying on your boyfriend or girlfriend. I mean, let’s be honest; if you have the need to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend, something probably isn’t right with your relationship in the first place. That being the case, you probably should get out of the relationship.

If you suspect your significant other is cheating and you need to get a spy camera to prove or disprove it, the ability to trust that person is over. That being said, while you may find that he or she isn’t cheating now, you will continue to have an unhealthy relationship and problems down the road.

Sincerely, Dr. Tyler. :P