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Did User’s Private Messages Really Go on Their Timeline?

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I have been hearing the buzz about Facebook user’s private messages from the years 2007-2009 being exposed on their timeline. Is this all true? Facebook Users are still coming forward saying their messages have been exposed. Facebook is still standing by their claims that no messages have been leaked. I thought I would share the inside story.

Fred Wolens, of Facebook Communications, told Mashable, “Moreover, it would be incredibly difficult from a technical perspective for this even to be possible because of the systems’ architecture with two separate systems running on two separate languages.” Many have claimed their private messages have been leaked but Facebook believes this is due to new Timeline Users that are confusing older posts with private messages. According to Facebook any post that allows you to “like” or “comment” on is not considered private. Wollens closed his conversation with, “We’re happy to review reports, but we have finished our internal investigation and are satisfied that no private messages have been leaked”

Caller ID – Wish They Could Do Something Like That For SPAM

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I remember the days of Pops dodging the phone from bill collectors and not picking up when I would call home to tell him I was staying at a friends after school. I once got in trouble for ‘not calling’ when I did call he just did not answer because he did not want to deal with the tella-marketers and I almost got grounded until I flipped out to Mom and flipped it on him.

Then the wonderful invention of Call ID hit the Cain house hold and suddenly you could screen calls and only pick up the ones that were actually important to you. I guess a SPAM filter works kind of like that but it is not full proof. I still end up with SPAM in my inbox all the time.

I don’t know what would revolutionary for SPAM protection like Caller ID was for phones in the 90s but I am sure someone will figure out something. Theres got to be smarter people than I working on it right now.

Rick Rolled – SPAM at it’s best

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I heard the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” the other day and the memories just flooded in…

The biggest wave came in 2008 on April Fools’ Day where thousands of YouTube’s front page videos had the clasic bait and switch to the legendary Rick Astley that will make this writer smile forever. This is the kind of SPAM that is awesome and the reason for viral content and good meme’s online. From Scientology protest to sporting events all the way to the White House Twitter feed Rick Rolling is probably that most popular prank on the internet… or at least the most beloved.

The cool thing about the Rick Roll SPAM is that it made it off the web and into real life, that, and no one can really ever be too mad about a good ole Rick Roll, in fact I find it a delight.

Whoever thought of this idea is amazing and I salute you. Sha-wing. 

Weight Loss SPAM

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I do not consider myself an over weight guy, and I don’t know how I got on the list for all this diet pill SPAM (maybe penis enlarger but that is a different story, ha). But seriously everyday I get e-mails promises great weight loss results I wouldn’t even need if they really did work. I could probably gain ten pounds rather than lose them, so why am I getting all these e-mails.

No I am not putting those weird weight loss chemicals in my drinks let alone my body. No I would not like a membership to a gym. And no I do not want a bunch of frozen low calorie TV dinners, deserts, and snacks. That crap can all go back to the people who sent it to me. They’re fat sacks that are just trying to make themselves feel better by conning others. I have had enough. Go sell your fat farm products to some other schmuck.

Slim chews? Pft, yeah right.

What is my SPAM box today?

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I was cleaning out my Google Email account today, deleting old school e-mails and things I saved for various reasons and no longer not, managing my labels, and clearing my inbox. During this process I found that I have a SPAM box that I didn’t set up – Google must just give you one of these automatically. Since I didn’t know that it existed it was stuffed full of SPAM e-mails.

I opened it up and took a look at the SPAM fat Google has trimmed off for me to see what makes the cut and what ends up in my inbox anyways. I found a lot of e-mail SPAM form privatestudentloans.com and job.com, both this I had signed up for in hopes of helping not hurting. I always think Google realizes what I delete without opening because Gradimages was found in there and I wouldn’t think of it as SPAM but I have deleted e-mails from them without opening all summer. Thanks Gmail for looking out for me.

SPAM – Are We Asking For It?

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This whole website is dedicated to complaining about how much  of a pain in the ass SPAM can be. Pop ups, hacked profiles, hidden links, and stuffed inboxes can get old really quick. I doubt there is anyone out there that would state that they love internet SPAM and its efforts. Even the people you create SPAM probably get bothered by it while surfing the web like anyone else. I still think the number one cause of computer viruses is internet SPAM but for real occurrences that severe are uncommon for the most part if you use common sense online the web.

You should know that filling out this forum and that contest will lead the SPAM directly towards you like blood to a shark fight. Yes, the side bar ads can be appealing and look like the easiest decision of your life but they’re made that way. It isn’t that hard to avoid the tell tale signs of internet SPAM.

Be safe surfers.

Why Does Everything Need Ads?

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Can the internet please just be like pandora and have a monthly fee wave all the ads?

In fact I think I already do pay a monthly fee for the internet, but I understand that money doesn’t go to any online business. Just the guys in the business of getting you online. But seriously I can’t turn any corner on the internet without finding an ad along the top or side or both. I think the Google home page is the only site without ads I’ve been to in years, and I heard they pay some lady to make sure it has minimal content. Don’t want to distract users or something; I bet theres a word count.

The internet should be more clean like this. I can’t even access my e-mail with out ads about what is in the messages. I bet generations before were as critical and with ads on TV and radio, hell probably as far back as the beginning of mass written print.

People might even be sick of me complaining about SPAM. Too much of one thing is always scary.

Byproduct SPAM

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I’m sick of buying this online and then boom SPAM every day from the people I just gave money to. I mean I just bought something leave me alone already. I buy an amp and subwoofer on Amazon and suddenly Amazon thinks I need eight more and maybe $15 off will convince me to buy them. I buy a hat from Zummiez and now I need sweatshirt discounts and Volcom promotions. If I’m going to buy anything it’s because I need it or I want that product, not because of some e-mail ad.

My mother buy a onesy  for her niece a couple of years ago and we’re still getting baby formula coupons in the junk mail. Companies need to put their time and energy in to their products and costumer service not SPAM mail. There should be more companies like smi4motion. I bought a ball bearing slide from them the other day and they asked me if I’d like to be put on their e-mail list. To which I replied no, but at least they had the courtesy to ask before filling my inbox with SPAM.

Video Game SPAM

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My brother and I have never really seen eye to eye on common interests. While I round my bike around with my friends and played in bands he was was busying playing dungeons and dragons and building computers with his friends. It’s not that I don’t play my fair share of video games but I just don’t understand the World of Warcraft or Mario’s Galaxy. So I thought I’d put together a SPAM blog about what gets computer gamers riled up.

My brother says the worst SPAM are the fake games that when you lose (or even worst when you win, he says) you get pushed to an add or forced to sign up for some mailing list to get more. I guess nothing if worst than getting a taste of what you want (in this case a video game) and not being able to have it. I guess I feel him, I get tricked in the fake PAC Man adds every now and than.

Craigslist Jobs – Nothing But Spam

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I graduated from college in early May and I am still on the job search. I know that probably isn’t a big shock to anyone out there but I am starting to get a bit frustrated at this point. Every job I’ve ever had has been kind of handed to me, not that I’ve been feed with a silver spoon or anything but I’ve always had the ins with a friend or family member so employment searching has never been too tough for me.

Now I’m on my own in the “real world” and it’s nothing like on TV (I wish MTV paid me to party and hook up with chicks). So I started my search on my alumni job center and hit up the general job search sites, Monster, Career Builder, etc. A handful of interviews later and I’d hit the wall.

So I decided to try Craigslist job listings a try. To my surprise there is a ton of job opportunities on Craigslist but you have to be careful who you contact (should be a given with Craigslist I guess). While I did find Office Team with Wells Fargo which seems like a great lead so far I have also found my way on to a bunch of job scammers sites. For the last week everyday I got some ridiculous response for job sites that want my information for god know what. Guess that’s the price you pay to get a job.