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Rick Rolled – SPAM at it’s best

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I heard the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” the other day and the memories just flooded in…

The biggest wave came in 2008 on April Fools’ Day where thousands of YouTube’s front page videos had the clasic bait and switch to the legendary Rick Astley that will make this writer smile forever. This is the kind of SPAM that is awesome and the reason for viral content and good meme’s online. From Scientology protest to sporting events all the way to the White House Twitter feed Rick Rolling is probably that most popular prank on the internet… or at least the most beloved.

The cool thing about the Rick Roll SPAM is that it made it off the web and into real life, that, and no one can really ever be too mad about a good ole Rick Roll, in fact I find it a delight.

Whoever thought of this idea is amazing and I salute you. Sha-wing. 

Job Search Full of SPAM

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I just graduated college and I’m now hard on the job search. It’s weird to think how different the job search game is now compared to even just five years ago – the last time I had a job interview. Its all done online now. You want a job Target? Cub Foods? Even McDonalds?! Don’t bother going in for an application – “you gotta apply online.”

I started out small and looked at my schools job search data base and found a few interesting positions. The cool thing about job search sites is there pretty much just a search engine; click, type, boom, a whole list of jobs. Also you can just upload your resume once and then it’s always just one click away from being sent. I applied for like 30 jobs in an hour.

Then I moved on to Monster and although it does seem to have a much deeper job pool it also has its fair share of spamy repetitive posts for “stay at home” jobs doing surveys and what have you. What a waste of time; the same kind of thing that ends up in my inbox and straight in the trash.


Two Positions for $379/Day from Home

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Yep, that’s right. They don’t tell you how much you have to work or that chances are it’s a complete scam, but they tell you the potential wages you could make. The subject read that I could make $379 per day from my home, but there are only two positions left so I have to hurry. And for their supporting message… well, you be the judge:


Needed: 2-Positions..left..“working from-home“..



Online Career Journal

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Now, I know I’m a strange person. So, maybe I’m the only one that did this, but when I post the picture below, try and think of the first thing that you notice.


How i make $4,500 per month on my laptop
Read Her Story - CLICK HERE

Now, did you think of the handwriting text, the title, or maybe the reality of the $4,500 per month? Great. What I thought of is how fake that smile is. Yep, that’s right. I can see it in her eyes that she doesn’t really want to be there.

Enter Data Online

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Yet another email, of course, in which someone is advertising a fake job. Here it is:

How would you like to earn a few extra
hundred dollars per day posting advertising
data for online businesses? Wouldn’t it
be nice to sit at home submitting information
and quit your dead end day job?

Numerous companies are looking for
workers to submit information into online
forms and they will pay you nicely in return.
You can get paid up to $100 per transaction.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a
legitimate way to earn money from home.

For Full Details please click here.

The funny thing is there was no link to click on, which made me a little confused. Oh well, I wasn’t going to click on it anyway. :P

PT Job

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I love job offers as much as the next person, but usually I don’t act upon them when the website isn’t legit and it goes to my Spam inbox of Gmail. Nevertheless, it’s entertaining to read.

Hi there,
My name is Michael

I’ve made it my job to help people succeed online.

I’m constantly on the lookout for the best ways
and means to make your job simpler, and I pass
the good stuff on to you.

I have developed the eBay Cash Machine – it allows
everyone to make a great income on eBay 99%
automatically. It only takes a few minutes to set
up and once that is done you will have your own eBay
Businesses that literally run on auto-pilot!

You just wait for the money to come in!

Click here to visit our website

The link is to some advertise-bz.net/cash/?5885d80a13dynasty106c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d5fa8ff279e37c3d9d4egmail.com38bdbee0ede69. Basically, I really doubt this is “his website” and that I should just go ahead and sign up or whatever that link asks me to do. Try for yourself, but I’m not clicking on it. :P

My Paycheck is Here!

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Nice. It’s always good to get paid. Like everyone always says, “money doesn’t grow on trees!” — Well, kind of. I mean, the paper part is from a tree. And the cotton part is from a field, which you find around just as much as trees in the Midwest. Anyway, I just like being rebellious in society, so I come up with outlandish things such as that to say in response. It’s my attitude, and I suppose I live it a little too much at times.

But back to my original point. Apparently, Gmail let me know that my paycheck is here. And then, upon opening the email, I wanted to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, but someone already did. It was just another email telling me:

Not happy with this weeks Friday paycheck from your job? What if you
received an extra paycheck from working online in your spare time?

What if that paycheck was an extra $200, $300, or even $500 per week?

Thousands of people are currently getting their extra paychecks working
online just a few hours per week. Find out how you can claim an online
position and be in control of your next paycheck.

Thanks for making me all excited. Let me guess, another “just fill out these surveys and complete these offers” type of job. Mat Hoffman once said, “if you like your job, you’ll never work another day in your life.” I can’t really say filling out surveys and completing pointless offers that just fill more inbox with more spam would be a lifelong dream of mine.

Best Job in 2011

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Subject: Best Job in 2011? Data Entry ‘From’ Home!

Message: “Jennifer-Davis

Home Data Entry- Immediate Placement. No experience required


Work From Home Doing Data Entry and Earn Up To $70+/hr


okay Tony

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My job search seemed endless i spend so much time with my family now that i work from home read it all here

You know, the only reason you spend so much time with your family now is because you got “hired” by some fake company that doesn’t have any work for you. And by working from home you mean sitting around watching TV all day and eating Twinkies. Hard work. Very hard work.

Good Day, Tony Kusian

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Good day Tony Kusian
Let me introduce myself. I’m Eleonora Monette .
The firm I am an official representative of offers new fresh vacant position in your city. Please consider if you could be a match vacant position. We are large corporation with different locations within Europe and North America.
-Monthly pay will be over $2100 after qualifying period.
– commission figures up to 5%
-Western Union charges settled by the the corporation.
Primary Principle obligations:
– Performing settlements.
– Ensuring effectiveness of settlements.
NOTE: This is not a sales position.
If you are interested to obtain further information or have any questions feel free to email us. Thank you for the time spent. , Tony Kusian .

They obviously did their homework on me, well sort of. They got my first name right, but where the hell did that last name come from?! They’re not even close. Hell, the last name they guessed has no letters from my real last name. Now for the actual message itself, I like how they say “Primary Principle obligations”. Is the writer of the message a graduate of the Redundant School of Redundancy? Second, they insist that this is NOT a sales position at the beginning of the email, but earlier on they say there’s commission involved. Aren’t sales positions the only ones with commission? Meh, calling them out on logical fallacies seems pointless when it’s obviously fake. However I do need to give them credit for passing Gmail’s awesome spam filter.