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Rick Rolled – SPAM at it’s best

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I heard the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” the other day and the memories just flooded in…

The biggest wave came in 2008 on April Fools’ Day where thousands of YouTube’s front page videos had the clasic bait and switch to the legendary Rick Astley that will make this writer smile forever. This is the kind of SPAM that is awesome and the reason for viral content and good meme’s online. From Scientology protest to sporting events all the way to the White House Twitter feed Rick Rolling is probably that most popular prank on the internet… or at least the most beloved.

The cool thing about the Rick Roll SPAM is that it made it off the web and into real life, that, and no one can really ever be too mad about a good ole Rick Roll, in fact I find it a delight.

Whoever thought of this idea is amazing and I salute you. Sha-wing. 

Byproduct SPAM

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I’m sick of buying this online and then boom SPAM every day from the people I just gave money to. I mean I just bought something leave me alone already. I buy an amp and subwoofer on Amazon and suddenly Amazon thinks I need eight more and maybe $15 off will convince me to buy them. I buy a hat from Zummiez and now I need sweatshirt discounts and Volcom promotions. If I’m going to buy anything it’s because I need it or I want that product, not because of some e-mail ad.

My mother buy a onesy  for her niece a couple of years ago and we’re still getting baby formula coupons in the junk mail. Companies need to put their time and energy in to their products and costumer service not SPAM mail. There should be more companies like smi4motion. I bought a ball bearing slide from them the other day and they asked me if I’d like to be put on their e-mail list. To which I replied no, but at least they had the courtesy to ask before filling my inbox with SPAM.

4/20 – Weekend Movies!

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I had to put 4/20 in my blog title, it only makes sense on a day like this. Did you know that in Austin, Texas today at 4:20pm they are going to unveil a statue dedicated to Willie Nelson! Here, I just found that “The statue stands along Willie Nelson Boulevard at Lavaca Street, near the ACL Live at the Moody Theater studios. The 8-foot-tall, 1-ton bronze cast was created by sculptor Clete Shields of Philadelphia and is a gift to the city from Capital Area Statues Inc.” How cool is that? I’ve never smoked the stuff, but I can appreciate the humor in a statue for Willie on April 20!

So, now on to movies! I cheat, I had to look up what is being released in theaters this weekend. Thanks to Nicholas Sparks, looks like another heart throb crazy movie for the teen girls, “The Lucky One” opens in theaters starring Zac Efron. I still have no idea who that kid is. The other movie this weekend is “Think Like A Man”, starring Gabrielle Union and Chris Brown. The rapper? … Sure enough, how does he keep getting work?

Well there you go either way, if you are looking for new movies this weekend, that’s it! And if you get the munchies at the theater, go with my favorite, Buncha Crunch. Love those things! I’m going to go find some Willie Nelson music. Later.

Living with ADHD

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What’s the link? It’s to lnbdbdcdjamjeatq.boattoward.info… yes, that’s real and I didn’t just type in random letters. I got it straight from the HTML code.

Apparently you can get all the info you need from there. Otherwise, instead of trusting some sketchy link, you could just Google it or something. It isn’t like ADHD is something new and undetectable. It’s actually been around for quite awhile, so the symptons and treatments are pretty well known.

ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment
ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment ADHD Treatment

HCG Diet Drops

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No post of mine would be complete without some random email that I have no idea about.

HCG Diet Drops – Rapid Weight Loss – Best Quality – Pregnancy …
Meet your weight loss goals fast by using HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

Choose from 3 recommended weight loss plans to safely lose up to 20 pounds in 1 month.

Yeah. I basically don’t know what this is about. I also don’t know anything about these diet drops. I could maybe at least use a picture and not a link to hcgslimrush.ru. That doesn’t help me very much, especially if I’m trying to be careful.

RE: Your invoice from VIAGRA

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That’s right. Apparently I ordered some Viagra. Interesting, as I’d like to know how they would deliver it, considering I never ordered any. Thus, I never entered information like my address, telephone number, credit card, etc. So it must be free? Heh. Whatever the case, I figured I would click on the email.

Oh, and I hope I didn’t take any viewer’s subscription. If your invoice is #421441607​2, just let me know. :P If this isn’t humoring anyone but me, then how about this. I opened up the email, and the contents of the email read:

“This message was likely forged and did not originate from your account.”

76% Discounted… Viagra?

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This is about as sketchy as spam gets. There were no words within the e-mail, only this picture:

And to make it even better, the link went to some weird link that isn’t even readable. The only reason I knew what this great deal was is the subject “76% off on VIAGRA!”


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First of all, hay is for horses. Second of all, uh, what? The email this message came from is hi.Vi4graOnline12@yahoo.com, so based on that and the url, this is a viagra spam ad. But WTF is up with the nonsense at the end? I’ve seen this type of thing where they put unrelated text at the end, but never with this many misspellings and just random nonsense. Odd. Very odd.

Dr. Phil Endorsed Weight-Loss “A-Ha!” Moment

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An A-Ha moment?! AWESOME!

But really, is there anyone that would trust a weight loss thing found in their spam folder? I don’t think so.

Pfizer Legitimate eShop

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Today, the ROC has active political participation by all sectors of society.
Toby the Pup is an animated cartoon character created by animators Sid Marcus, Dick Huemer, and Art Davis.
One of her names, Mari Urraca possibly ties here to a historical Navarrese princess of the 11th and 12th century, with other legends giving her a brother or cousin who was a Roman Catholic priest.
The racial makeup of the town was 97.
El-Mekkawy S, Meselhy MR, Nakamura N, Tezuka Y, Hattori M, Kakiuchi N, Shimotohno K, Kawahata T, Otake T.
As the War of the Grand Alliance came to a close in 1697, the issue of the Spanish succession was becoming critical.
The human use of fungi for food preparation or preservation and other purposes is extensive and has a long history.
Research published this week by the British Charity, Tearfund, makes somber reading for church leaders.
The population of the capital, Vienna, exceeds 1.
Mbida VM, Van Neer W, Doutrelepont H, Vrydaghs L.
The Englishman John Bill Ricketts brought the first modern circus to the United States.
Kazushi Sakuraba, UFC Japan Heavyweight Tournament winner.
Free learning materials and activities.
Washington into the library to reason with Coalhouse.
Before they both fell asleep, Post gave Sedgwick the medication that had been prescribed for her.
He was married to his first wife Clarissa Luard from 1976 to 1987 and fathered a son, Zafar.
Policy measures taken in response to these commitments have reduced emissions.
The sisters perform indecent dances to make him laugh.
Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989.
The term middle class is also relevant to the standard of living of the majority of people in the world.
Elderly passengers Isidor and Ida Straus discuss their plans for the years to come while Charlotte Drake Cardoza scandalizes the First Class men by joining them for cards in the First Class Smoke Room (“Autumn”).
Blouin JL, Dombroski BA, Nath SK, et al.
Augustine addressed to Proba his letters number 130 and 131, to Proba and her daughter-in-law Anicia Iuliana his letter number 150, and cited Proba in De bono vid.

Because any truly legitimate online retailer would say they’re “legitimate” and then send an unsolicited email which features a link and a bunch of dummy text. Yeah, really clever. You’re really gonna see sales from this, guys.