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Reliability on Thompson Super Ball Bushing

Posted by admin | Posted in 4 Men, 4 Women | Posted on 29-09-2012


Ever wonder how NASA, Apple, HP and Bose create their products? I always wonder what it takes to create something so intricate and detailed. Where do these products come from? We always hear about the products themselves but never how many people it takes to create them or the products it takes to create them.

Considering NASA is such an important outlet in the Space Missions I wondered where these items came from. Obviously NASA relies on products that are strong, dependent and top of the line, as to secure astronauts and to complete space missions. I discovered a thomson super ball bushing was a huge contender for the production of NASA’s equipment. This little piece of metal plays such an important role in something so extreme and yet, you never hear about it. This type of information is interesting to find out, at least to me.

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