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Did User’s Private Messages Really Go on Their Timeline?

Posted by admin | Posted in Oh My Spam, Seriously? | Posted on 28-09-2012


I have been hearing the buzz about Facebook user’s private messages from the years 2007-2009 being exposed on their timeline. Is this all true? Facebook Users are still coming forward saying their messages have been exposed. Facebook is still standing by their claims that no messages have been leaked. I thought I would share the inside story.

Fred Wolens, of Facebook Communications, told Mashable, “Moreover, it would be incredibly difficult from a technical perspective for this even to be possible because of the systems’ architecture with two separate systems running on two separate languages.” Many have claimed their private messages have been leaked but Facebook believes this is due to new Timeline Users that are confusing older posts with private messages. According to Facebook any post that allows you to “like” or “comment” on is not considered private. Wollens closed his conversation with, “We’re happy to review reports, but we have finished our internal investigation and are satisfied that no private messages have been leaked”

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