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Goodbye Oh My SPAM

Posted by Michael | Posted in 4 Men, 4 Women | Posted on 29-07-2012


It has been a great run…

I started managing this blog about two months ago and it has been my pleasure to bring you all my grapes and gripes about internet SPAM. The topic is pretty much endless seeing as some form of un-wanted ads will forever be engrained in the world wide web.

Truth is I got a big boy job working for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and I am having trouble finding the time to get up with all the blogs I manage and something had to go. Don’t get me wrong I have loved writing for this blog but there comes a time in every mans life when he needs to get up and move to bigger and better things. This time for me is now.

So take care all you followers (I’m sure theres tons of you lol!) I hope you stick around for whoever comes after me and show them more love than you’ve shown me!



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