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What is my SPAM box today?

Posted by Michael | Posted in Oh My Spam | Posted on 21-07-2012


I was cleaning out my Google Email account today, deleting old school e-mails and things I saved for various reasons and no longer not, managing my labels, and clearing my inbox. During this process I found that I have a SPAM box that I didn’t set up – Google must just give you one of these automatically. Since I didn’t know that it existed it was stuffed full of SPAM e-mails.

I opened it up and took a look at the SPAM fat Google has trimmed off for me to see what makes the cut and what ends up in my inbox anyways. I found a lot of e-mail SPAM form privatestudentloans.com and job.com, both this I had signed up for in hopes of helping not hurting. I always think Google realizes what I delete without opening because Gradimages was found in there and I wouldn’t think of it as SPAM but I have deleted e-mails from them without opening all summer. Thanks Gmail for looking out for me.

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