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Why Does Everything Need Ads?

Posted by Michael | Posted in Oh My Spam | Posted on 17-07-2012


Can the internet please just be like pandora and have a monthly fee wave all the ads?

In fact I think I already do pay a monthly fee for the internet, but I understand that money doesn’t go to any online business. Just the guys in the business of getting you online. But seriously I can’t turn any corner on the internet without finding an ad along the top or side or both. I think the Google home page is the only site without ads I’ve been to in years, and I heard they pay some lady to make sure it has minimal content. Don’t want to distract users or something; I bet theres a word count.

The internet should be more clean like this. I can’t even access my e-mail with out ads about what is in the messages. I bet generations before were as critical and with ads on TV and radio, hell probably as far back as the beginning of mass written print.

People might even be sick of me complaining about SPAM. Too much of one thing is always scary.

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