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Craigslist Jobs – Nothing But Spam

Posted by Michael | Posted in Oh My Spam | Posted on 11-07-2012


I graduated from college in early May and I am still on the job search. I know that probably isn’t a big shock to anyone out there but I am starting to get a bit frustrated at this point. Every job I’ve ever had has been kind of handed to me, not that I’ve been feed with a silver spoon or anything but I’ve always had the ins with a friend or family member so employment searching has never been too tough for me.

Now I’m on my own in the “real world” and it’s nothing like on TV (I wish MTV paid me to party and hook up with chicks). So I started my search on my alumni job center and hit up the general job search sites, Monster, Career Builder, etc. A handful of interviews later and I’d hit the wall.

So I decided to try Craigslist job listings a try. To my surprise there is a ton of job opportunities on Craigslist but you have to be careful who you contact (should be a given with Craigslist I guess). While I did find Office Team with Wells Fargo which seems like a great lead so far I have also found my way on to a bunch of job scammers sites. For the last week everyday I got some ridiculous response for job sites that want my information for god know what. Guess that’s the price you pay to get a job.


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