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Do you consider video ads SPAM?

Posted by Michael | Posted in 4 Men, 4 Women, Oh My Spam, SPAM | Posted on 08-07-2012


As the internet gets faster and faster and websites like Netflix and YouTube keep popping up video content seems to be more and more mainstream. The old days of internet video did not really seem worth it; an hours of wait time only to buffer every two minutes and over work your computer. Now it seems video is all over the internet. Even SPAMers have caught on, using video ads to lurer unsuspecting net browsers.

But are commercials on popular YouTube videos and Hulu television shows considered SPAM?

It sure is irritating to run into a 30 second ad before being able to view a YouTube video. Users online today want things instant and ads get in the way of that dream. If you used Hulu before the sponsored commercial breaks you were most likely frustrated with the advertisements.

But is the internet really that different from radio or television?

We’ve been dealing with TV and radio ads from decades now and most people have just grown accustom to it. Personally I’m okay with the sponsored ads that make view my media for free. It’s those ads that offer me nothing in return that I have a problem with.

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